is a powerful platform to manage and promote physical activity.


The platform includes an own tracking app that allows you to measure the physical activity performed (distance, elevation, time, calories ...).


The platform is connected to 90% of market measuring devices, and also allows uploading manually or by means of a file the physical activity carried out.


It is a very complete platform, in a social network format, which includes many features, from saving the personal physical activity record, to promoting virtual sports challenges.


By default it is in 6 languages ​​and allows to manage all kinds of activities.


By default the platform allows to visualize activities of running, walking, cycling and swimming.


Who can be interested in this technological solution:


- Companies that wish to launch virtual challenges to their collaborators and clients

- Sport centers

- Clubs and gyms

- Public entities

- Sports organizations

- Sportswear brands


Manage all kinds of competitions easily

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