Valuate your product or brand 
exposure through visual 


We measure the impact and value of your product or brand placement through tracking its impact; when, how long and how many times is it being displayed and which is the value of it according to pricing and audience.'

How it works

We use AI and latest image recognition technology to detect when, how long and how many times your product or brand is being seen.

Our technology can be applied for a visual product or brand tracking on different supports:

  • VideoVideo
  • EventEvent
  • TVTV
  • MovieMovie
  • Shop/retailShop/retail
  • PaperPaper
  • Sports CompetitionSports Competition
  • Street marketingStreet marketing

Discover if your product or brand is being displayed on the right place and moment.

Get a detailed report about your product or brand exposure and its value according to pricing and audience.

We can cross this data also with your sales and get your ROI and ROA easily.

Key benefits of VBT

  •  Get brand analytics for your advertising and brand placement investment
  •  Measure your ROA (Return on Advertising)
  •  Decide which are the best media supports for ad or sponsorship investment
  •  Know the right placement for your ad
  •  Know when is the best moment for a brand impact
  •  Cross data from brand impact to sales, leads, calls
  •  Know if your product is being displayed on the right place

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